The Strata

Presenting - Earth Eclipsed

June 14, 2022

Hey Strata fans, this week I'm happy to share with you another great podcast from some fellow creators.

It's called Earth Eclipsed, and I don't want to give too much away about the story because you really should experience the twists and turns for yourself.

I can tell you that it throws you right into the action, and the worldbuilding is fantastic. There's just so much to dig into here.

So please take a listen! I hope you enjoy this introduction to Earth Eclipsed.

When information gets leaked about a top secret project led by renowned neuroscientist Dr. Alexine Prometh, she finds herself up against a company looking for someone to blame, and a renegade miner with his own plans for her research.

Earth Eclipsed, Episode 1 - The Abacus Project

Produced, Directed, and Written By:
Nicholas Prufer, AJ Churchill, Victor Lee

Script Edited By:
Alexa Polivka

Music by:
AJ Churchill

Sound Design by:
AJ Churchill, Shane Rutherfoord-Jones

Main Theme & Credits Mastered by:
Mandy Parnell

Allegra Rodriguez Shivers, Reginald West, Christian T. Chan, Amy Lyndon, Michael Malconian, Benedikt Sebastian, Daniel Dauphin, Cammie Middleton, Jayden Libran, Flo Kiscellus


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