The Strata

Presenting - Spaceships

May 3, 2022

Hi fans of The Strata, I'd like to introduce you to another podcast that I think you'll love.

Here's the scenario - all species in the galaxy suddenly die off, and all that's left are AI-equipped spaceships who have to pick up the pieces and find out what happened.

The show is called Spaceships. It's funny, smartly written, and has some of the best production values going around. I think my favourite aspect of the whole production, though, are the characters. There's just so much heart that comes through in both the writing and performances, and I love the interaction between them.

So please strap yourself in and prepare for launch. I hope you enjoy this introduction to Spaceships.

Spaceships is created and written by Filip Momirovski.

Voiced by Bobby Gaglini and Arson Alfaro.

Sound-designed and edited by Vlad O.

Produced by Afterscape.

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